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Election Day is Nov. 6: Have You Done Your Homework?

The election is a few days away and while TV and radio ads abound, there are better resources for information about issues and candidates. Below are three good websites to help you do your homework before voting on Tuesday. 

Sample Ballots

Go to the Missouri Secretary of State Website: http://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/pollingplacelookup/

  1. Enter your house number and street name, jurisdiction of St. Louis County and 5-digit zip code.
  2. Click on Look up.
  3. Click on View Sample Ballot (in Red).
  4. Print your sample ballot.

Voter's Guide

Go to the StlToday/League of Women Voters website: http://lwv.thevoterguide.org/v/stlouis12/

  1. Enter your street address, city and zip code.
  2. Click on Find My Races
  3. Click on Continue if the address is reflected correctly on the map.
  4. Answer the two questions about fire district and municipality, then click Continue.
  5. Page through the ballot by clicking on the numbered boxes below “My Ballot.” There are bios and information about each candidate and issue.

Retention of Judges – Reviews & Recommendations

Go to the ShowMeCourts.org website:  http://www.showmecourts.org

  1. Select your jurisdiction – St. Louis County is the 21st Judicial Circuit.
  2. Click on the judges’ names for detailed reviews, surveys & recommendation to retain or not.