Parkway e-News Story

Kids Voting Goes Paperless, Tries Early Voting

Today is Election Day! Parkway teachers have been busy preparing students for their own election through the Kids Voting Missouri program. This year students' votes are all being cast online and the election process started on October 26.

Teams of teacher building leaders, computer resource specialists and parent volunteers are working to ensure a smooth voting process in each school.

There are three different ballots this year--a special ballot for K-3; and two ballots for grades 4-12, one for the Parkway area and one for St. Louis City. This allows all students the opportunity to cast their votes on things that are most meaningful to them.

Watch for Parkway student voting results after 7 p.m. on November 2! Get results by ballot type and school at https://doubleclickdemocracy.com/Admin and enter the User Name and Password indicated below:

  • K-3 Special – User Name=ReportUser153, Password=pkwy1
  • 4-12 Parkway area – User Name=ReportUser99, Password=pkwy2
  • 4-12 City of St. Louis – User Name=ReportUser 231, Password=pkwy3