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Celebrating Prom and Graduation Nights with Care

It’s that time of year when thousands of high school students are getting ready for two big events--prom and graduation. Following are the schedules for all Parkway high school proms and graduations, along with some important tips for parents about helping teens stay safe on these important nights.

Central High
Prom: Saturday, April 24, Windows on Washington
Graduation: 7:30p.m. Thursday, May 14, Queeny Park, 7:30 p.m.

Fern Ridge High
Graduation: Friday, May 15, Fern Ridge High, 1:30 p.m.

North High
Prom: Saturday, May 9, Frontenac Hilton
Graduation: Tuesday, May 12, Queeny Park, 7 p.m.

South High
Prom: Saturday, May 9, Millennium Hotel St. Louis
Graduation: Friday, May 15, Queeny Park, 7:30 p.m.

West High
Prom: Saturday, May 9, Renaissance Hotel
Graduation: Saturday, May 16, Queeny Park, 7:30 p.m.

Reminders for Parents to Help Teens Stay Safe

Although proms have become more elaborate and costly over the years, many of the hopes, disappointments, joys and dangers associated with them have remained essentially the same. Prom and graduation nights are times when the risk of poor judgment and dangerous choices is especially high...and the stakes are too.

Following are some common sense tips from www.FamilyEducation.com to help ease parent anxieties and keep kids safe:
--Talk about things beforehand. Focus on the positives, but be honest and specific about any concerns such as drinking, using drugs, driving under the influence or without seat belts, and sex. Talk about ways to handle the difficult choices.
--Know who’s driving and where they’re going. Lay out your rules and ask for their promise to abide by them. Get an itinerary, including who your teen will be partying with, addresses and phone numbers for the prom location as well as any after-parties your teen plans to attend.
--Stay connected. You need to be able to contact them at all times until they return home. You also need to be reachable at all times.
--Offer to help…unconditionally. Give your children the unconditional option of calling you any time for help or advice. That includes picking them up at any time of day or night, with a promise not to embarrass them in front of their friends.

Many other online resources are available for parents and teens, including:
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