Parkway e-News Story

Parents Will Have Online Access to Student Information

The Parkway Board of Education recently approved the purchase of Infinite Campus - a Web-based educational process management system. Infinite Campus will provide real-time information and data to staff, students and parents. They will have access to the information via a secure, password-protected online portal.*****
Parents and students will be able to access information including schedules, assignments, grades, attendance and test/assessment data. The portal includes a family calendar that displays all attendance and assignments for each student in the household. In addition, parents can access health information; special education information; behavior and discipline; and high school credits earned.
The district will immediately begin testing and implementation of the system, and the rollout to teachers and parents will begin in stages during the 2008-09 school year.
The district evaluated and performed a cost analysis on four similar data management systems. Staff surveys showed support for Infinite Campus, with the majority of employees responding that the system would save time, be easier to use, increase data-driven decisions and benefit student instruction.