Parkway e-News Story

Emergency Preparedness in Parkway; Tips for Parents

The Parkway School District is committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff and visitors. We work closely with local safety officials, including police, fire, emergency medical services and public health, to ensure our schools are well prepared for an emergency.*****

To that end, we continue to evaluate our emergency preparedness plans to ensure appropriate procedures are in place so students and staff know how to respond to various situations. Each school has key staff members with assigned roles and responsibilities to perform during an emergency.
In addition, every school conducts emergency drills throughout the year so that students and staff are aware of the most effective and safe emergency responses. We work hard to ensure students treat each drill as though it were the real thing, and we are very proud of their performance during these drills.
Fire, earthquake and tornado drills have been a long-standing expectation in Parkway. This year, all Parkway schools must also have procedures in place when a situation presents itself requiring students to be in a secure location within the school. This is commonly referred to as a “lockdown” procedure. This procedure might be used in a variety of circumstances such as a medical situation where hallways need to be kept clear, a fire in the immediate neighborhood, or an unknown person in the school. It is important to practice these kinds of drills so that if there were ever a need to go into the lockdown mode, it would happen quickly and efficiently to ensure our students’ safety.
Parents can help prepare for emergencies by following a few simple steps:
  1. Provide accurate contact information to your child’s school, including alternate phone numbers for you and family/friends you have arranged as your backup. Notify the school promptly if this information changes.
  2. Remind your children that schools are safe places and talk with them about the importance of remaining calm and following instructions during an emergency.
  3. Know how to get accurate information during an emergency:
    1. Listen for automated phone messages through the district’s AlertNow emergency parent notification system;
    2. Watch for automated emergency e-mail messages;
    3. Visit www.pkwy.k12.mo.us or your school’s Web site;
    4. Tune in to local media outlets for information; and
    5. Do not listen to rumors.Call Parkway’s safety hotline at (314) 415-SAFE to report suspicious behavior or other safety-related information to district officials.
  4. Be patient if we are unable to respond to you as completely or quickly as you would wish. Our first priority is your child and the other children in school.