Parkway e-News Story

Schools Closed on Aug. 7 for All Staff Intruder Training

All Parkway Schools will be closed to the public on August 7 from 8 a.m. to noon while all teachers and staff participate in Intruder Training designed to protect our students.

The training will be led by the St. Louis County Police in every Parkway School.

Parkway's new intruder training program emphasizes a greater awareness of our surroundings and creating the confidence in our adults to consider the best options for students and themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

“It is unfortunate that it is something we have to do, but we hope to help everyone think through how to respond to different situations to keep everyone safe.” said Desi Kirchhofer, deputy superintendent.

The St. Louis County SWAT team has trained over 90 principals, teachers and staff this summer to prepare for this training of all employees.

North High Principal Jenny Marquart participated in the simulated intruder drills this summer.

“Being put into these situations causes you to really think about the place where you are every single day, but also helps me realize that wherever I am (if something were to happen), I can help,” said Marquart.

Pictured (l to r): Patrick Wallace, Mason Ridge; Corey Zavorka, SWAT; Craig “the active shooter,” SWAT; Stephen Spear, SWAT; Berin Waller, Craig; Mike Schmerold, Mason Ridge; Jami DeBosch, Bellerive; Bill Senti, Craig; Rene Sommers, Green Trails; Aaron Wills, Claymont; Mike Fumagalli, SWAT.