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A Veteran's Story

One veteran can’t attend Oak Brook Elementary’s Veterans Day celebration this fall.

The missing veteran, James Robert Clugh, did attend the celebration two years ago. Driving to the school from Rockford, Ill, he was excited to be invited by his great grandson, R.J. Bell, an Oak Brook fifth grader at the time.

As part of the celebration, R.J. presented his great grandfather with a medal thanking him for his years of service. The medal presentation is a tradition at Oak Brook. Principal Chris Shirley has the medals specifically made for veterans and asks students to present them to relatives.

After receiving the medal two years ago, James Robert Clugh thanked his great grandson and the school, waving to all the students as they waved the flags. Then he drove home.

No one knew just how much that medal meant to James Robert Clugh until he died recently. During his last days, he told his wife Delores that he wanted to be buried in his Oak Brook medal. “The celebration was one of his favorite memories,” says Delores.

Like many Parkway schools, Oak Brook will have a huge Veterans Day celebration on November 11.