Parkway e-News Story

Three Teachers Win Albert Awards

The Parkway Alumni Association has selected three teachers to receive the 2013 Albert Awards. The award recognizes teachers who have been teaching for five years or less, and who show extraordinary promise and potential as educators. Its namesake is former Parkway principal and educator, Dr. Al Burr.

The winning teachers were recognized in their schools as shown below. They will receive a $1,000 stipend and will be honored at Parkway’s Appreciation Evening on April 22.

Sam Skibbe (left) with principal Bill Senti

Sam Skibbe, Craig Elementary, Vocal Music

This is a very big year for Sam Skibbe. He was named Teacher of the Year at Craig Elementary, then as Parkway’s Elementary Teacher of the Year, and finally as the Parkway District Teacher of the Year! In only two years, he has created a bright spark to ignite his students’ enthusiasm for music education and performance.

Skibbe began his journey in Parkway as a student at Carman Trails and later graduated from South High. In college, he chose education as his major and completed his student teaching at Craig. With great enthusiasm, energy and passion, Skibbe has achieved the fine balance of getting students to deliver what he wants while allowing them to have fun with music.

Maria Flick (right) with fellow teacher, Nina Rygiol

Maria Flick, South Middle, English Language Arts

Maria Flick left a successful sales job to pursue her degree in education. As a result, she came to the profession both energized and excited to meet the needs of her students. Now a successful fifth-year teacher, Flick has created podcasts, movies, blog posts and life-sized character replicas to engage her students in language arts.

Flick regularly attends sporting events, school plays and after-school activities. Most importantly, she has made a positive impact in the lives of her students, who often come back to visit with her after they’ve graduated. Many of them went from struggling to college-bound students.

From left, Jan Misuraca, executive director, Parkway Alumni Assn.; Jason Tiearney; Dr. Patrice Aitch, principal; and Lori Maddox, assistant principal

Jason Tiearney, South High, Modern & Classical Languages

Jason Tiearney’s classroom is a safe, positive and culturally inclusive environment where students support one another and understand the importance of being a contributing citizen. Now in his second year of education, Tiearney has an imaginative and student-centered approach to teaching Latin, which both challenges and engages students.

Tiearney uses techniques such as drawing, acting and writing so they can choose a way that best allows them to demonstrate their knowledge.  When reading Latin, students are often so eager to find out what happens in a story assignment that they request to do the literacy portion of their work as soon as class begins. Their excitement is evidence aplenty that Latin with Mr. Tiearney isn’t frightening at all—it’s a pleasure.