Parkway e-News Story

Information about Parent Alerts

Parkway will continue to send parents automated messages by phone, e-mail and/or SMS text about school and district cancellations, news and activities. It is important for parents to include accurate phone numbers and e-mail addresses on their students' Census Verification Forms in August, and to notify their school registrar during the year if changes occur.

Text Messaging Option

Parents have the option to receive SMS text messages to their cell phones. Notifications will be from 23177 or 63079, "Parkway Schools." Text messages will be sent to parents who have not opted-out of the service. At the beginning of the school year, parents with cell phone numbers will receive a text message confirming they want to receive Parkway text alerts; they will have the option of opting out. At any time after that, parents may opt-in by texting "SUBSCRIBE PARKWAY" to 23177 or 63079. To opt-out, text "STOP PARKWAY" or "QUIT PARKWAY" to 23177 or 63079.

Important Reminders about Receiving Automated Phone Calls
  • Caller ID will display the school's main telephone number for general school announcements. General messages will go to the student's home phone, as well as any other parent's home phone if provided on the Census Verification Form.
  • For district or emergency-type messages, caller ID will display (314) 415-8500, which can be called back to hear a recording that describes the message.
  • Emergency calls will be directed to parents' cell and work phone numbers in addition to the home and other parent phones.
  • Be sure to say "hello" clearly when answering calls to hear the message from the beginning.