Parkway e-News Story

Honor Your Favorite Teacher During Teacher Appreciation Week

National Teacher Appreciation Week takes place May 7-11. In Parkway, this is a special opportunity to celebrate and honor teachers and to thank them for their many contributions and service to students! This year, show your appreciation to the special teachers in your child’s life by purchasing a special greeting card from the Parkway Alumni Association (PAA).

The card not only allows you to thank your favorite teacher, but also makes a donation in his/her honor to the PAA Al Burr Educators Make-A-Difference Fund.

In Parkway, we know excellence in education cannot be achieved without excellent, committed teachers. This year please remember to thank those educators who have made a difference by recognizing them for the wonderful job they do each day.

Teacher Appreciation cards can be purchased individually for $10, or in a six-pack for $50. All proceeds from the sale of each card will go to the Al Burr Educators Make-A-Difference Fund in honor of the teacher for whom the card was purchased.

Cards can be previewed and purchased online at www.ParkwayAlumni.org or by calling (314) 415-8074.