Parkway e-News Story

Parkway Board Approved Budget Recommendations

On February 8, the Parkway School Board unanimously approved recommendations for reducing expenditures by 3 to 5 percent ($7.4 to $9.6 million) over the next two years. Although Parkway continues to be in strong financial shape, declining revenues and a forecast for minimal future growth call for the district to take proactive steps to reduce expenditures.

The reductions will come from seven categories: eliminating 20 district administrative and support staff positions; a 10 percent decrease in operating budgets; greater efficiencies such as reducing overtime and sending secondary report cards electronically; personnel supporting teachers and students; teaching assistants and school secretaries; school staffing model changes; and new revenues such as increased fees for summer school.

“Budget cuts are never easy, but we have done our best to ensure standards remain high so we can continue to deliver a quality education for all students,” said Board President Chris Jacob. “We are making these changes now—and will continue to monitor expenses in an uncertain economy—to keep us on the path for future success,” he said. 

For more details, read a news story and answers to frequently asked questions on the Parkway website.