Parkway e-News Story

Parkway Receives $75,000 Donation for Photography Program

Hal Wagner, president of Wagner Portrait Group, which specializes in photography services, recently donated $75,000 to Parkway to enhance the district's fine arts program. Wagner, a strong supporter of public education, provided the photography grant for Parkway students and teachers through the Parkway Education Foundation. The gift will be used over a period of five years with the intent to foster an appreciation of photography beginning at the elementary level, and continuing at the middle and high school levels. At the elementary level, funds will be used to purchase digital cameras for each school's art department, allowing fifth-grade art teachers to develop a basic unit of study focusing on the concept of photography as a life-long skill. At the middle school level, eighth graders will explore photography as an art and will begin to use technology to manipulate images. With anticipated Wagner funds, high school students will have access to higher-level software, equipment, and training for both digital and film applications. Updated technology, both in hardware and software, in addition to new digital cameras, will allow students to extend and refine their craft while preparing for the business world and exploring photography as a career. "The Parkway Art Department is delighted with the expanded opportunities that Wagner Portrait Group will be providing students and teachers through this very generous grant," says fine arts coordinator, Sandy Collins.