Parkway e-News Story

Preliminary List of Superintendent Candidates Presented to the Board

The search for Parkway’s next superintendent is progressing on schedule, with a decision anticipated by mid-December. In November, School Exec Connect used the leadership profile it developed to screen initial applicants, and on November 22 presented a list of several highly qualified candidates to the board for consideration.

The names will remain confidential in order to protect the privacy of candidates who may hold other positions.

Board members will conduct interviews with these candidates on December 2 and 4, and then select three finalists for another round of interviews which will take place on December 13 through 15.

These final interviews will be conducted by the school board and a confidential committee of community members and staff. Based on feedback from the interviews, the board will select Parkway's next superintendent. If all goes as planned, the name of the new superintendent will be announced as early as December 16.

For more information, visit the Parkway superintendent search website.