Parkway e-News Story

Six Parkway Students are STARS in Science

A summer of hard work has rewarded six Parkway aspiring scientists who spent several weeks conducting intensive research with St. Louis-area professionals and professors. The students have been named winners of the LMI Aerospace Inc./D3 Technologies Awards for Excellence in Research.

The award is presented to students who distinguished themselves during the 2010 Students and Teachers as Research Scientists (STARS) program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. In all, ten Parkway students participated in the STARS 2010 program.

Following are Parkway’s Excellence in Research winners and their research topics:

  • Dushyant Bhatnagar, Parkway South High School, “Energy Conversion of Amino Acids Through the Use of Mitochondria Catalysts for Electrodes”
  • Mrigank Gupta, Parkway West High School, “The Effect of Gene Knockout on GGA Expression in the Eye”
  • Vikram Ponnusamy, Parkway South High School, “Stability of Standard and Non-Standard RNA Bases”
  • Hima Veeramachaneni, Parkway South High School, “How RecOR Change DNA Conformation to Initiate Homologous Recombination”
  • Zach Weinstock, Parkway North High School, “The Role of the Globus Pallidus in Sleep Homeostasis”
  • Emily Wilson, Parkway Central High School, “The Urogenital System of Male Rhyacotritonidae: An Anatomical and Phylogenetic Study”