Parkway e-News Story

Parkway to Adopt Single-Stream Recycling

Parkway's recycling program is converting to a new single-stream system in 2010-11. The ‘single-stream’ process allows all typically recyclable items to be collected in a single container so that separating different types of material will no longer be necessary. This added convenience should make it much easier for everyone to recycle.

New recycling dumpsters are being delivered to each school, along with flyers describing all materials that will be accepted. Green and yellow 'paper retriever' dumpsters will soon be replaced by new 'anything that tears' dumpsters for community drop-off paper recycling.

This move will allow Parkway to reduce operating costs and trash hauling fees, and increase the amount of materials we divert from landfills. Plus we will work with the new vendor, QRS Recycling, Inc., to retain our environmental education component for students. Read the news story on the Parkway Web site.