Parkway e-News Story

Parkway Conducts "Current Reality" Work Sessions

A series of parent and staff meetings are being held to discuss the current realities Parkway faces in finance and curriculum. Over the next several months, efforts will be made to conduct similar educational sessions with each school community. Following a survey of the Parkway community and staff in late 2005, it was clear there was a need for further information and clarification on a number of issues affecting the district. The first session on Jan. 24 was attended by more than 125 parents and staff. It focused primarily on the reality of the district's current financial position. In spite of cost containment efforts over the past five years, revenues are increasing at less than one-half the rate of inflation while costs continue to rise. On Jan. 31, another session addressed the challenges Parkway is facing in the area of curriculum and instruction. The district is losing ground in these areas after five years of cost containment at a time of increasing government requirements, changing student needs, advancing technology and rising costs. Further meetings will be held on Feb. 7 and Feb. 28 to summarize and discuss the work sessions and to set further direction to clearly communicate these current realities to the rest of the Parkway community. For more information on the process, please contact John Siemers at (314) 415-8299.