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Successful Energy Program Faces Biggest Challenge Yet

Next time you are in a Parkway school or building, please remember to conserve energy by making sure lights and water are turned off and outside doors are closed. This fiscal year alone, natural gas prices have soared to record heights. If we have an average winter, it is expected that Parkway's natural gas bills will exceed $1.5 million. This is $500,000 higher than last year and nearly $1 million higher than 1992 when the district began a comprehensive energy conservation program. Parkway began the program with a focus on minimizing energy consumption when buildings were not in use. Over time, the district also made capital improvements to upgrade aging heating and cooling equipment, installed more efficient lighting and improved building insulation. Though the district has added over 300,000 square feet of floor space since 1992, actual consumption of electricity and natural gas has decreased. Such reductions could not be accomplished without the commitment and dedication of the Parkway staff and students. During the period of December 2004 through November 2005, the district spent $4.1 million on gas, water, electric and sewer. Parkway saved more than $1 million on all utilities during that time, thanks to its comprehensive energy management system. Thanks for helping us keep our utility costs down!