Parkway e-News Story

Parents' Parkway Partners Awards Announced

Parkway Parents Advisory Council for Children with Disabilities (PACCD) is pleased to announce the selection of two teams to receive the 2010 Parkway Partners Award, which is given to honor examples of effective collaboration between Parkway and Special School District (SSD) staff members. Teams were nominated by parents.

This year’s winning teams are:

Barretts Elementary Team Kris Cartwright, SSD teacher; Rebecca Dolle, Parkway 1st grade teacher; Karen Forbis, SSD paraprofessional; Aimee Wells, SSD paraprofessional; Mike Schultz, assistant principal; and Tim Dutton, principal (submitted by Diane Southard)

Bellerive Elementary Team Caren Lochmann, SSD teacher for deaf and hard-of-hearing; Alicia Morrow, Parkway 1st grade teacher; Staci Lieberman, SSD paraprofessional; and Elizabeth Murray, SSD interpreter (submitted by Julia Fisch)

Congratulations to all of the winners!