Parkway e-News Story

New Middle School Schedules in 2010-11

Parkway’s five middle schools have collaborated on a proposal that will allow all middle schools to have an eight-period day in 2010-11. This change supports the district's goal to deliver an aligned, guaranteed, viable district curriculum to increase student engagement and achievement.

On Wednesday, December 9, the Parkway Board of Education approved the following changes for the 2010-11 school year:
  • All middle school students will have an eight-period class schedule that includes two periods of Communication Arts.
  • Each middle school core team will consist of five teachers (two communication arts, one science, one social studies and one math).
  • Physical Education will be offered every day.
  • All sixth graders will take a course entitled Future Pathways (a career exploratory course).
While bus arrival and departure times will remain about the same, students will be asked to be in class at an earlier time. Each middle school will publish its new daily schedule for parents and staff this spring as students begin registering for classes.