Parkway e-News Story

Six Flags Deals!

April 26 is Parkway Day at Six Flags! With this event, WE HAVE THE LOWEST PRICE in town for Season Passes! The ticket price for April 26 is $26 and the upgrade for a Season Pass on that day is just $29.99 + tax. If you purchased a Season Pass at Parkway Day in November, it will be honored on April 26, but you must pre-register by calling (314) 415-8074.

If you have purchased a Season Pass online through Six Flags already, you can attend for a $5 donation per person.

On March 10, all information and forms will be posted online at www.parkwayalumni.org.

For more information, call the Six Flags hotline at (314) 415-8155.

(NOTE: A minimum of 4,500 tickets must be sold by April 10 for all-day exclusivity.)