Parkway e-News Story

2007-08 Class Sizes Popular with Parents, Teachers

Thanks to the passage of Proposition R in November 2006, the majority of Parkway’s elementary classrooms have fewer students this year. Teachers and parents alike are observing the difference.*****
One example was highlighted recently in a news story on KPLR-TV (WB11). In the news report, Green Trails Elementary parents Laurie Berwald and Karen Savan talked about their second- and third-graders who last year had 24 children in their classes, and this year have 18 or 19. 
Debbie Sachs, Green Trails Elementary first-grade teacher with 25 years of teaching experience, commented, “You can just tell a difference in the climate. The kids feel like they have more space.” Most importantly, she says it means more personal attention and a better ability to meet each student’s needs.
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