Parkway e-News Story

Nurse Makes a Great Save

Green Trails Elementary School Nurse Annette Polzin and Counselor Nancy Winkler, helped save a student's life recently.

The student had a severe stomach ache and hives, a condition often brought on by test anxiety. But when the student complained that her lips and throat also felt scratchy, Polzin asked her what she had to eat. The student admitted to sharing a friend's pistachios. Polzin immediately went for the Epi Pen and injected the student while Winkler kept her calm, and Polzin called 911.

Later, at the hospital, the student began to show signs of shock. She was put on an IV and kept until the evening. The doctor said Polzin saved her life.

Before the episode, the student and her parents never even knew she had a nut allergy.