Parkway e-News Story

Meet the Board Candidates

Two director positions on the Parkway Board of Education are open in the April 7, 2015, election. Three candidates have filed for the two positions. Below are the biographies as submitted by each candidate.

Beth Feldman

In my nearly seven years serving on the Parkway board (the last three as president), we have accomplished the following for students:

  • Passed Prop S, a $94M bond issue
  • Implemented full-day Kindergarten at no cost to families
  • Lengthened elementary day by 20 minutes (+ two weeks of instruction time)
  • Instituted Algebra I Initiative strengthening math skills
  • Offered free ACT examination for juniors
  • Established Professional Learning Communities
  • Opened state-of-the-art high school science labs
  • Instituted double-block English Language Arts and daily PE requirements for middle schools
  • Launched district-wide rollout of Google Apps for Education
  • Launched community education partnership with Rockwood
  • Introduced Infinite Campus student information portal
  • Negotiated teacher and support contracts
  • Lead long-term energy conservation effort (purchased 30 compressed natural gas busses, built filling station, coordinated installation of solar panels on the district’s 31 buildings)
  • Established boundary line changes

I look forward to being a part of:

  • Seeing results of 2014 bond improvements
  • New elementary grade cards
  • Math and World Language program evaluations
  • New sports marketing program
  • Expansion of Adventure Club to all 18 elementary schools
  • Expansion of Spark! Program strands
  • Being a voice for Parkway students with Missouri legislators
  • Building district’s reserves
  • Increasing minority staff recruiting
  • Development of Project Parkway 2.0

Continuity in leadership is one of the most important factors in education.

Sudhir Rathod

'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world', - Nelson Mandela.  Though I currently reside in St. Louis County, I was born and raised in a Christian family in India. Coming from a poor family of farm workers where Dad dropped out at 5th and mom at 3rd grade, I had real-life examples constantly reminding me of how limited life could be without education.  In order to fulfill mine and my parent’s dream, I studied hard under the streetlights for who I am today and ultimately earned my BA and MBA degrees. Today, I am a proud parent of a Parkway North junior and as a board member, I will use my life-taught lessons, to ensure my son and all Parkway students are provided with the highest quality education. My goal of providing our kids with nothing but the best educational opportunities is the reason why I want to be a board member.  I am very passionate about my life and faith.  I am dedicated to being active in my community and have been on JM Family’s Philanthropy Committee where I actively organize and participate in activities such as Food Bank, Heart-Walk, Boys Hope Girls Hope etc.

By profession, I am a Business Intelligence Analyst having worked with Berkshire Hathaway, Nestle, Caterpillar and JM Family.

I would appreciate the opportunity to use my years of experience, hard earned education and life experiences to represent the citizens of our school district to make the best out of our tax dollars and lead Parkway further on the road of excellence.

Kim Appelbaum

Kim Appelbaum is a graduate of Lindenwood University and received her BA in Psychology. Over the last 20 years, she has worked in Talent Acquisition for some of St. Louis’s most admired companies.

Kim grew up in St. Louis, she and her husband Paul, have been married for nineteen years. They have two sons, Matt and Nicholas, who both attend Parkway West High. Kim has served in the Parkway School District as PTO Secretary, Room Party Planner, Spirit Wear Chair, Cub Scout Den Leader, Boy Scout Treasurer and most recently with the West High Band Boosters. She has also volunteered many hours in our community with Junior Achievement.

Kim has enjoyed serving as a board member since she was elected in 2012 and believes her first term was a profound and positive learning experience! She has acquired a new appreciation for the work and dedication it takes to operate a large school district that keeps students their top priority. Making an exceptional education experience available to all students, is an important goal and requires creative ideas. Our students are the future…As a parent, I’m thankful that Parkway encourages innovative thinking by developing curious, capable, and confident learners.