Parkway e-News Story

New Revenue for Sports & Activities

The Parkway School Board approved a five-year agreement with Kelly Sports Properties to manage a new sports marketing program.

The program will protect the use of Parkway's logos, marks, school names and other related items known as "intellectual property." The program is also intended to generate new revenue to ensure high school students have access to school-sponsored extracurricular opportunities, despite budget challenges that occur from time to time.

New revenue will be generated through strategic partnerships will local businesses to advertise on scoreboards in our stadiums.

“For many years, residents have been calling on us to develop strategies for developing new revenue sources, specifically as it relates to funding our athletic and extracurricular activities,” Superintendent Keith Marty said. 

A few of the responsibilities of Kelly Sports are:

  • protecting high school logos and school names (intellectual property);
  • manage the licensing program;
  • printing game and event programs;
  • advertising at MSHSAA-sponsored games and activities;
  • scoreboard signage at football fields; and
  • public address announcements at games.

 “This new revenue will allow our coaches more time to coach and let parents spend less time fundraising and more time in the stands cheering," said Mike Roth, Parkway director of athletics and activities. “Plus, the revenue will benefit all of our high school MSHSAA-sponsored activities equitably. This includes everything from sports and cheer/dance to music, drama and speech and debate.”

No tax dollars will be paid to Kelly Sports as they do not charge a fee for their services. They receive a percentage of the revenue generated through the program. Scoreboards will also be funded by the program.

The new sports marketing program will begin in the 2015-16 school year.

Kelly Sports Properties, a professional sports marketing firm, has been successfully managing a similar program for the Columbia Public School District for the past three years. Kelly Sports has nearly 30 years of national collegiate sports marketing, fundraising and promotion experience – focusing on intellectual property management, revenue generation and partnership development.

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