Parkway e-News Story

Safe Websites for Kids

by Jennifer Holtmann, Technology Trainer

As a parent and technology professional, it’s very important to me to know where children can be safe online. With summer just around the corner, it’s even more important as we anticipate our children spending more time online.

With feedback from my own second grade daughter, I have developed a list of several free, safe, and kid approved websites.

ABCya.com is a parent and child favorite. This website contains educational games for K-5 students by grade level.  One of the best things about this website is they have books that either your child can read or can be read to them.  It is a highly rated website.  www.abcya.com

FunBrain.com, created by the same people who created Poptropica (which is played in school), is a site with educational games for children from pre-K to eighth grade.  Games are available for children just learning to use a mouse or those ready for more challenging math. They can also read full books online (such as “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”). www.funbrain.com

Pottermore is a website for your Harry Potter fan. On Pottermore, you can explore the wizarding world from your computer.  This website does require an email to set up a username and password.  It takes you through the books, allows you to buy items for school, and even sorts you into houses using questions.  You can win points for your house along the way.  Although it isn’t easy to navigate at first, the more you play the more you understand how it works.  www.Pottermore.com

For all the Lego fans out there, you can build with Legos online at Build with Chrome.  Using your mouse, you move and place the Lego pieces together to make whatever you desire.  Build with Chrome even allows you to build on a map of any location in the world.  It makes all surfaces Lego surfaces. www.buildwithchrome.com

Other sites you and your children might enjoy exploring over the summer:

Jennifer Holtmann is a Technology Trainer for Parkway and a mom of two children. Maddie is a second grader at Sorrento Springs and Tim is in preschool at Carman Trails.