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New Intruder Training for Staff

This summer, Parkway teachers and staff will participate in a new intruder training in partnership with our local police departments. CLICK HERE to watch a KMOV Channel 4 story on the new program.

In recent years, all Parkway schools began conducting intruder drills in addition to other drills such as fire, tornado and earthquake. Intruder drills are a type of lockdown that would be implemented in the event a potentially dangerous or unauthorized armed individual enters one of our schools. It is important to practice these drills so if there were ever a need to go into the lockdown mode, it would happen quickly and efficiently to ensure everything possible is being done to keep our students and staff safe. We work hard to treat each drill as though it was the real thing and are very proud of how our students and staff perform during these drills.

Currently, Parkway’s intruder drill protocol includes sheltering in place with doors locked and lights out, waiting for an all clear signal from law enforcement. The training for these drills is conducted in-house by Parkway personnel. However, in conversations with law enforcement and school security experts, we believe our current protocol needs to be expanded to provide more options for the adults in charge of protecting students. Further, we believe the training should be conducted by law enforcement personnel and certified trainers.

After numerous conversations, I am pleased to announce a new partnership between Parkway, the St. Louis County Police Department and the police departments in our local municipalities to provide training for staff beginning this summer on a program called the “4Es” (Educate, Escape, Evade and Engage). The 4E program has been developed by Tier One Tactical Solutions, LLC, and is being used by the St. Louis County Police Department. The half-day program includes lecture and discussion, followed by breakout sessions in classrooms that provide staff with options-based responses to active intruder situations.

We believe this training will greatly enhance our level of emergency preparedness and will provide everyone in our schools with enhanced skills to keep students and staff safe.

Learn more tonight:

Thursday, April 3
6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Parkway West High (cafeteria)
14653 Clayton Rd., 63011