Parkway e-News Story

Parkway Recycling Program Brings In Extra Cash

Between paper, aluminum cans, metal, cardboard, plastic and lead acid batteries, the Parkway School District recycled over 1,600 tons from April of 2005 to April of 2006. Dropping those items into the recycling bin instead of the trash bin generated over $34,000 in revenue for the district this year. Since 2001, the recycling program has brought in over $126,000. Close to 90 percent of the recycled material this year was paper. Craig elementary topped the list for most recycled paper with 127 tons. Craig was closely followed by Oak Brook Elementary with 118 tons, Barretts Elementary with 104 tons, Ross Elementary with 94 tons, and North High with 93 tons. This is the sixth consecutive year that North High and Craig have been in the top five for most recycled paper in their group. Two Parkway schools will also receive checks for placing in the 2006 Great Paper Drive Recycling Contest put on by the Abitibi Paper Retriever Program. In the single bin category, Northeast Middle will receive $500 for finishing first by collecting 19 tons of newspapers, magazines, office and school papers, catalogues and mail during the months of March and April. Ross Elementary finished second in the same category and will receive $300. Additionally, the Parkway recycling program was recognized for being selected as the Missouri Waste Control Coalitions Outstanding Achievement Award winner in the education category.