Parkway e-News Story

Makeup Snow Day - Friday, May 23

As a result of the recent school closings, Parkway students will need to make up one snow day.

Per the 2013-14 academic calendar, this snow makeup day will be Friday, May 23 which will be the last day of school instead of Thursday, May 22.

View and download the revised 13-14 calendar here.

Parkway's 2013-14 academic calendar includes 178 instructional days, which is four more than the state requires. Since Parkway has had five snow days, our schools are required to make up one day at this time.

Any additional snow days taken will be made up in chronological order using the inclement weather makeup days listed on the calendar. These days are listed below:

Friday, February 14
Monday, February 17
Friday, March 14
Tuesday, May 27
Wednesday, May 28
Thursday, May 29
Friday, May 30