Parkway e-News Story

National Merit Semifinalists

Twenty-two Parkway high school seniors have been named semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program. The nationwide pool of semifinalists, representing less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors, includes the highest-scoring entrants in each state.

The designation, based on scores on the PSAT exam, is the first step toward becoming a National Merit Scholarship winner.

About 16,000 students nationwide are chosen as semifinalists, and 90 percent go on to become finalists. These academically talented high school seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 8,000 National Merit Scholarships, worth more than $35 million that will be offered next spring.

Central High led the way with 12 semifinalists, followed by West High with five, South High with four and North High with one.

Central High

Rakshya Devkota

Elizabeth A Gibson

Sandy Gu

Allyson B. Kang

Connor J. Kraus

Melinda Lai

Simon H. Lu

Elaine C. Reichert

Jennifer N. Romine

Kevin D. Tian

Michael S. Wang

Christopher H. Zhao

North High

Alicia J.Carr

South High

Brian T. Cheng

Katherine A. Estep

Hannah M. Kloppenburg

Duncan S. Scanlon

West High

Thomas H. Christensen

James D. Lister

David E. McKnight

Brendan C. McMorrow

Rigel L. Robinson