Parkway e-News Story

Current Reality Committee Concludes Tax Increase Needed

On behalf of the nearly 150 members of the Current Reality Committee that studied Parkway's financial and other challenges from January through May, Parkway parents Jenny Hosch and Jo Ann Miles presented a final report and set of six conclusions to the Board on May 24, 2006. The conclusions had the strong agreement of the vast majority of more than 1,000 people who attended a public forum and school meetings in April and May to hear about Parkway's "Current Reality." The conclusions emphasized areas of priority that Parkway must address in educating all students; recognized the strain that the current revenue shortages have placed on the district's ability to maintain its reputation for excellence; and stressed the need to inform the community of the financial and other current educational challenges the district is facing. Miles ended with the committee's final conclusion that "Parkway's financial situation threatens the quality of our children's education and a moderate tax increase is the most viable solution." She said, "All the cost containment measures in the world simply cannot fix Parkway's financial situation without negatively and dramatically affecting the quality of our children's education, and we as parents find that simply unacceptable." However, she cautioned, "Parkway must continue to contain costs, operate efficiently and strengthen its financial position while maintaining a commitment to areas that directly impact teaching and learning." In addition, "Parkway needs to present a plan, including costs and timelines, for accomplishing its financial and instructional goals, including the benefits for students if additional revenues are provided, and the cuts that would likely have to be made if additional revenue is not forthcoming." To view the report in its entirety, go the Current Reality page on the Parkway web site at http://www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/reality/finalreport.cfm