Parkway e-News Story

Chesterfield PD Expands School Resource Officer Program to Elementary Schools

In the aftermath of the recent elementary school tragedy in Connecticut, and in response to concerns of the community, the Chesterfield Police Department will expand its current School Resource Officer (SRO) program to include all Chesterfield schools at the elementary level through high school.

The Chesterfield Police Department currently has SROs assigned to each of Parkway Central and West high schools and middle schools. Those four officers will remain full time in their respective schools.

Under this new program, in addition to that police presence in the middle and high schools, an officer from the Chesterfield Police Department’s Community Policing Unit will be re-assigned to provide additional security at all elementary schools within Chesterfield, including Parkway’s Green Trails, Highcroft Ridge, River Bend and Shenandoah Valley. 

The additional SRO will not be assigned to any one school at a set time, but will maintain a highly visible police presence at each school throughout the school week. Patrol services in the City of Chesterfield will not be negatively impacted and no additional costs will be incurred to either the police department or to schools. Instead, the new position is made possible as a result of the rescheduling and reassigning of duties and responsibilities within the department. 

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