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Central High Theater Students Present 'The Diviners' This Weekend

The Central High theater department presents “The Diviners” this weekend, November 1, 2 and 3 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $6 for students, $8 for senior citizens (65+) and $10 for adults. To reserve tickets, call the Parkway Central High box office at (314) 415-5944.


In the fictional town of Zion during the Great Depression, a widowed farmer, Ferris, is raising his son Buddy, whose brain was damaged at age 4 during a near drowning, in which his mother died trying to save him. The childlike and uncontrollable Buddy has a sweet spirit but is terrified of water, though ironically he has developed an uncanny ability to find water for his drought-besieged farm community. When a disillusioned preacher, C.C. Showers, who left his practice, comes to the farm seeking employment and food, a unique bond develops between the troubled but gifted Buddy and a man who represents salvation to the beleaguered townspeople. C.C. devotes himself to helping Buddy, and his efforts precipitate a startling chain of events.