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Going Back to Kindergarten - Teacher Lisa Davis Reflects on her First Day

“Everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten.” That saying still holds true for Hanna Woods teacher Lisa Davis who says she feels like a new teacher on the first day even though she has five years of classroom experience. This year, when she laid eyes on the “bubbly, fresh-faced,” five year-olds in her care on the first day, she had a desire to be “the teacher they would remember for life. I was nervous, over-prepared, and totally excited to embark upon my new course as a kindergarten teacher.” “In previous years, my primary goal for the first days of school has been to learn the names of all my students and build community. My primary goal for my kindergartners this year was to get everyone home safely. Being entrusted with someone’s child in his/her first school experience is daunting and I accepted the endeavor with a sense of being placed in a highly honorable position. It has been two weeks since then and I am still learning. A sense of great accomplishment fills my heart knowing that the students and I share a good feeling about our class community. They walk in excited about center time, recess, and sharing experiences with their new friends. My heart swells with pride as I see them reciting calendar songs during their free choice time and helping each other during projects. The students care about school. They care about each other. And the pile of pictures I have received from my little artists lets me know that they care about their teacher. Teaching kindergarten is about caring, sharing, and having a passion for helping little people reach their potential. I have received from my students much more than I have given. I know this will be a year to remember.”