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    Parkway Legislative Forum, 7 p.m., Northeast Middle
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    Parkway Board of Education Meeting, 7:30 p.m., Central Middle
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    Parkway Board of Education Meeting, 7:30 p.m., Central Middle
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February 02, 2006

Parkway Food Services Introduces Nutritional Analysis of Menus

Parkway now offers a nutritional analysis of elementary and middle school menus on the food services web site. In addition to the regular menu postings, Parkway families can now review the nutritional content of meals served in their schools each month. Parents can go to the Parkway Food Services Web site to check out portion sizes, calorie content and the actual nutritional content of all USDA approved meals served in Parkway elementary and middle schools. The nutritional analysis complements the "dot project" nutritional rating system developed earlier this year that assigns certain foods to red, yellow and green categories. To access the nutritional analysis and the rating system, please visit the Parkway web site by clicking on the link below:

2006 Teachers of the Year Announced

Each year, Parkway teachers from all grade levels nominate their peers for teachers of the year based on merit. One teacher is chosen from each participating school. Parkway is pleased to honor the following teachers in 2006 for their dedication, leadership and commitment to excellence: Jeanne Hotle, Barretts; Sarah Lane, Bellerive; Nancy Groth, Carman Trails; Nancy Stephenson, Craig; Diane Elstner, Green Trails; Rob DeLia, Hanna Woods; Peggy Zahner, Henry; Peggy Ross, Highcroft Ridge; Karen Craig, Mason Ridge; Courtney Rahn, McKelvey; Mimi Runnels, Oak Brook; Carol Drumm, Pierremont; Denise (Denny) Bernstein, River Bend; Joe Hawkinson, Ross; Carolyn Schwarz, Sorrento Springs; Alexis Jennings, Wren Hollow; Jon Saladino, Central Middle; Steve Schmich, Northeast Middle; Cris Koutz, South Middle; Dave Worley, Southwest Middle; Karen Hedrick, West Middle; Amy Branson, Fern Ridge; Steve Warren, Central High; Julie Parks, North High; Mike Herrmann, South High; and Steve Baxter, West High. A districtwide selection committee comprised of former teachers of the year and other district teachers will select an elementary, middle and high school teacher of the year as well as a teacher to represent the district in the Missouri 2005-06 Teacher of the Year competition. All Teachers of the Year will be honored by the Parkway Board of Education at its March 8 meeting.
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Parkway Conducts "Current Reality" Work Sessions

A series of parent and staff meetings are being held to discuss the current realities Parkway faces in finance and curriculum. Over the next several months, efforts will be made to conduct similar educational sessions with each school community. Following a survey of the Parkway community and staff in late 2005, it was clear there was a need for further information and clarification on a number of issues affecting the district. The first session on Jan. 24 was attended by more than 125 parents and staff. It focused primarily on the reality of the district's current financial position. In spite of cost containment efforts over the past five years, revenues are increasing at less than one-half the rate of inflation while costs continue to rise. On Jan. 31, another session addressed the challenges Parkway is facing in the area of curriculum and instruction. The district is losing ground in these areas after five years of cost containment at a time of increasing government requirements, changing student needs, advancing technology and rising costs. Further meetings will be held on Feb. 7 and Feb. 28 to summarize and discuss the work sessions and to set further direction to clearly communicate these current realities to the rest of the Parkway community. For more information on the process, please contact John Siemers at (314) 415-8299.
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Successful Energy Program Faces Biggest Challenge Yet

Next time you are in a Parkway school or building, please remember to conserve energy by making sure lights and water are turned off and outside doors are closed. This fiscal year alone, natural gas prices have soared to record heights. If we have an average winter, it is expected that Parkway's natural gas bills will exceed $1.5 million. This is $500,000 higher than last year and nearly $1 million higher than 1992 when the district began a comprehensive energy conservation program. Parkway began the program with a focus on minimizing energy consumption when buildings were not in use. Over time, the district also made capital improvements to upgrade aging heating and cooling equipment, installed more efficient lighting and improved building insulation. Though the district has added over 300,000 square feet of floor space since 1992, actual consumption of electricity and natural gas has decreased. Such reductions could not be accomplished without the commitment and dedication of the Parkway staff and students. During the period of December 2004 through November 2005, the district spent $4.1 million on gas, water, electric and sewer. Parkway saved more than $1 million on all utilities during that time, thanks to its comprehensive energy management system. Thanks for helping us keep our utility costs down!
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