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November 04, 2013

The Power of a Growth Mindset for Your Child


By Desi Kirchhofer

Developing the right mindset can make all the difference.

One of the most important things people do every day is select their attitude.  How you choose to view the world is completely up to you.

Attendance Calling Made Easy


Need to make a quick call to the school’s attendance hotline but don’t have the number handy? Now you do!

Thanks to feedback from parents, one-click attendance lines have been added to the Parkway Schools mobile app.
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Flipping Classrooms


Student grades and motivation are improving with a new teaching concept called flipping the classroom.

With the strategy, students learn their subject matter at home and do what is typically considered homework at school, enabling teachers to spend more time helping students one-on-one in class.
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A Veteran's Story


One veteran can’t attend Oak Brook Elementary’s Veterans Day celebration this fall.

The missing veteran, James Robert Clugh, did attend the celebration two years ago.
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