Health and Physical Education


The health and physical education curriculum is aligned K-12 and is articulated in a variety of ways.


  1. The K-12 teachers meet regularly to have vertical discussions regarding curriculum implementation.
    1. The K-12 curriculum committee meets approximately three times a year to discuss the curriculum and current issues in health education and physical education.
    2. K-12 teachers meet once a year to discuss curriculum implementation and the sequencing of topics/activities in its curriculum.
  2. Curriculum writing process:
    1. The K-12 health and physical education curriculum committee evaluates survey data and professional research as a team to determine strengths and weaknesses in the current program.
    2. Writing teams from each level (elementary, middle, and high) meet throughout the school year and summer months to develop course details and unit details. 
      • Writing committee references the Missouri GLEs and the Health and Physical Education Frameworks.
      • A scope and sequence is developed through a coordinated effort between all levels. 
  1. Curriculum Implementation
    1. Teachers attend curriculum meetings and workshops to be trained with curriculum implementation.
    2. School Principals reference the Parkway Health and Physical Education OCG and the Parkway “Look Fors” document for appropriate implementation of curriculum. 
  2. The K-12 articulated and aligned curriculum is continually supported through professional development days and in-district workshops (summer workshops, after-school HPE workshops, Path B courses).