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Testing Window

12/7/2009 through 12/14/2009: Biology (SH); Government.

4/19/2010 through 4/27/2010: English II; Government.

4/26/2010 through 5/3/2010: Biology and Algebra I.


Update 2/24/2010

  • MAP/EOC P's & Q's Click here to download the file. (DESE, Oct 2009)
  • Powerpoints/Presentations (DESE, Dec 2009)

2009-2010 End-of-Course Assessments

  • Web Meetings(DESE, Dec 2009)
EOC Successfull Test Administration
    • Agenda: Testing Windows, Special Return Districts, Linking Labels, Group Identification Sheet, and Building Identification Sheet


Before the test 

1. Parent EOC Website

2. Online EOC: It would be good for the teacher to demo the online test with the students and have students practice on the online demo prior to the testing day, so that students are familiar with navigation fo the test, and how to use the tools (graphing, etc.).

3. The online EOC practice tests are available on DESE's website.

4. More online practice tests for the Government from other places (not from DESE).

5. Contact to your building CRS to download EOC browser for students to take online EOC. (login and password are required.)

6. Online EOC examiner manual (Algebra I, English II, and Biology)

7. Online EOC examiner manual (Government)

8. EOC release testing items: DESE strongly recommended schools using the release items for instructional purpose.

9. EOC Achievement Level Descriptions: Algebra I, English II, Biology, and Government. DESE strongly recommended schools to use these descriptions for instructional purpose.

10. The Building Testing Administrator will set up EOC online test for teachers in the Program Workshop. Also make sure you have set up the teacher as a test administrator in Program Workshop, and that the teacher knows how to set-up a testing session in Program Workshop if you are wantint them to be the proctor. (login and password are required.)

11. If the computers you will be using are "side-by-side", you may want to consider putting up some sort of physical barrier between the screens.

12. Parkway Testing Policy

13. Parkway Testing Guidelinese

14. Building Testing Security Training Signature form (Word)

15. DESE Quality Assurance:


16. EOC sub: The EOC subs will be 1 sub per high school for 15 days. High schools can choose 15 days during these two windows: 12/1 to 12/15; 4/13 to 5/4, excluding Mondays and Fridays. Please contact Cindy Williams at 5-8131 or Brenda Mullen at 5-8015 for the request.

17. DESE EOC Quality Assurance Surveys (Examiner Survey; Coordinator Survey)

18. Q & A

19. EOC testing schedule form (due on March 29, 2010, required to submit to DESE).


1/4/10-1/29/10: Online Enrollment (Chialin)

1/5/10--1/15/10: keep student information update! (BTT and Registrar)

1/18/10--1/22/10:  Technology work on Pre-Code for MAP and have BTT reviewed (Technology and BTT)

1/25/10: Pre-Code for MAP Due to the DESE (Technology)

4/19/10--4/27/10: Parkway EOC Testing Window for English II and Government

4/26/10--5/3/10: Parkway EOC Testing Window for Biology and Algebra I


During the test

1. Online EOC examiner manual (Algebra I, English II, and Biology).
2. Online EOC examiner manual (Government)

The last thing that needs to be done for the round of EOC's, is to verify that all students who did not take the test are marked appropriately in the system, then we can let Chialin know we are ready to let Riverside know we are done. 


After the test

1. Teachers will be able to access the Task Scoring Workshop (an Internet-based training tool on the scoring of open-ended test items). This website helps teacher for practicing scoring.  This webstie requires to have log in and password from the Building Testing Administrator.

2. After the Task Scoring Workshop, teachers will be able to access the MO EOC Teacher Interface. The Teacher Interface allows you to view student's raw scores for Session I (multiple choice) as well as score Session II (performance events). This website requires to have log in and password from the Building Testing Administrator.

3. Description and instruction for how to use "MO EOC Teacher Interface".

4. EOC Score Conversion Chart for English II, Algebra I, Biology, and Government. (Tim Hudson develped this Conversion Chart.)

4. Parent EOC letter: Sample from DESE.




12/1/09 EOC Manual Training--------------------(From Rhonda Page)

Next Monday, December 7, the first End-of-Course Exam testing window of the year will begin.  As Jenny mentioned in North Notes, all staff are required to complete EOC Security Training every time we have a testing window.  We have two EOC windows this school year... one is in December, one is in April.
Rather than ask everyone to attend plan period meetings, I have attached a Powerpoint document that provides training for the testing security information.  Please read all of the information, and follow the instructions within the document.  At the end, you will find a page that needs to be printed, signed, and returned to my office by noon, Friday, December 4.
If you have any questions about testing security, please attend the EOC administration training session, which will be held tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3:00 p.m. in the library computer lab.

Thank you.  Rhonda

Click here to download the file. Power Point


12/14/09  Dictionary -------------------From DESE Nancy Keating

Our Assessment Section met to discuss the general use of tools during testing. Students are only allowed to use the stated tools on standardized assessments unless otherwise allowable as an accommodation as defined by ELL or IEP.   A dictionary is only allowable in the Writing Prompt. A bilingual dictionary can be used in the English II, Session II writing prompt without an accommodation being marked because standard dictionaries are allow for all students in the writing prompt. However for any other content area, a bilingual dictionary can only be used by ELL students and the accommodation code must be marked. The student’s test will need to have to accommodation code #43 marked. The test is not invalidated unless the student uses a dictionary of any type in Communication Arts where it is strictly prohibited.

Nancy Keating, Assistant Director of Assessment, DESE


12/16/09  Absent Status------------From DESE Nancy Keating

The student would have received an LND for the absent. But if the district wants to test him in the spring, you can send a letter to Accountability, telling them the circumstances and asking them to remove the first “absent” score because the student will now be testing in the spring.

Nancy Keating, Assistant Director of Assessment, DESE


1/2/2010--------------From Riverside

Riverside Publishing had a good suggestion for dealing with login issues. See below:

Nancy Keating, Assistant Director of Assessment, DESE

2.      Student development:

Can DESE/Riverside develop the site for students to test their login to take the EOC before the real testing time?


Regarding #2 below, “Student Development”, I wanted to suggest that Parkway examiners use the student lookup feature. This should help alleviate most of the problems they are experiencing with invalid student log-in attempts. Examiners can look up the precoded student information in the test delivery page. This will show the student demographics as they were precoded or manually entered. In order to successfully log in, the student must match the spelling and DOB that they are registered as in the system. There was an instance a couple admins ago where student’s were precoded with extra spaces in their names and this caused them issues logging in. Regardless, if there is an error in student info found using the student lookup feature, the examiner can quickly correct the student profile before they approve he or she to test so the data sent to scoring is accurate. In cases where the proctors are having continued troubles, they should be looking up the student’s MOSIS ID. The online system offers a second set of qualifying criterion for student log in. If the Name and Birthday are not matching, the student can always try logging in with Last Name and MOSIS ID.

These tips are in the manual as well. I am available to speak with Dr. Hsieh if she has any other online functionality questions. Hope this will help.


Nicole (Riverside)


1/15/2010-----------------------From Sarah Rummel

Online EOC Test Training

   Click here to download the file.


1/20/2010----------------------From Rhonda Page 

EOC English 1 and Personal Finance EOC

The Building Testing Administrators from each of the four high schools met last week to discuss End-of-Course Exams for Personal Finance and English 1.  In addition, we talked about a few other "random" items related to the EOC's.  Here are the notes from the meeting.  Please read them over, as you will need to be able to communicate with others regarding it's content.  Rhonda

1.  Personal Finance - schools will continue to use the state's EOC exam as a common assessment for their personal finance programs, BUT we will change the title within the district to be just "Common Assessment" (drop the "EOC" in order to avoid confusion).  While teachers continue to count the students' scores as 10% of their overall grade, we do not report this score to the state.  It is utilized for in-house purposes only.  Teachers will still need to plan for implementing testing accommodations for students with disabilities in-advance, just as they would for any other test they are giving within their classroom.  Building Testing Teams have no responsibility for coordinating any of these tests, but Pam Krodinger will be cc'ing us as she communicates with the Personal Finance teachers so that we are aware of what is happening and are able to answer questions as they arise.
2.  English 1 - The decision was made to allow Kevin Mabee (CHS) to pilot EOC tests for English 1, as he is experimenting with shifting his grading procedures to all standards-based.  No other high schools or teachers will be giving this test this year.  One of the  major concerns that surfaced was the lack of inclusion of this tests in current IEP documents.  In order to implement this test fully, all English 1 students who have testing accommodations would need to have an addendum completed to their IEP in order to have all legal paperwork in-compliance.  Other concerns noted were related to testing security and resources available (i.e. personnel and computer stations) needed in order to implement the tests.
3.  MAP-A "police" are coming... the visits will be unannounced, and will occur in January and February.  Concerns have arisen at the state level regarding the number of students identified in St. Louis County as MAP-A, so the visits are to make certain these students actually meet criteria.
4.  Computer issues - SHS experienced technological issues during session 2 of the Biology EOC in December.  Specifically, #9 & #15 (both related to graphing) would freeze during the testing session, locking up the computer.  If this happens, we are to re-boot the computer and have the student log back in to complete their test.  The state indicated it was a problem with the bandwidth and/or use of older computers.  Onother possible issue was with cafeteria services putting a strain on the bandwith during lunches (b/c of the computer system in use).  Technology is working on these issues to try to help us avoid them in April.
5.  EOC vs. ACT - We need to check to see how many 11th graders are enrolled in either Algebra 1 or Biology 2, as we will need to implement make-up EOC's for any students taking the ACT on April 28.  Other things to consider will be the strain put on staffing as we try to proctor both ACT's and EOC's.  How can we utilize CLC teachers and EOC subs to help with these tests???
6.  Every student (including new-enrollees) must take all four EOC's prior to graduation.  This includes all new enrollees... even if they are only here for their last semester of high school.  Any student who has not completed all four tests (Alg 1, Biology, English 2, and Government) will count against the school's AYP.  We are trying to find a way to track this in IC and possibly on the student's transcript... similar to how we currently track the Missouri and U.S. Constitution tests.  *Note:  Students do not necessarily have to score at a certain level on these tests in order to receive their diploma, but they do have to attempt each of the tests so that they are not counted in our Level Not Determined (the 5% rule).
7.  Summer EOC testing window - this is not an "official District-wide" testing window.  It is only to be utilized for special cases, as in NHS's "repeat" algebra courses, or for medical delayed tests from previous semesters. 

8.   Other Summer EOC items to noteAll students with testing accommodations must still have those implemented during the summer testing windows.  Also, NHS will be the host site for "special-case" EOC's (i.e. medical delays).  Sarah Rummel will coordinate and administer these tests.


1/26/2010------------------------------From Beth Middendorf

 Clarification for #6. 6.  Every student (including new-enrollees) must take all four EOC's prior to graduation

Here is the clarification we were looking for regarding EOC's:
Beginning in May 2011, every student (including new enrollees who are only here for their last semester of high school) must take all 4 EOC's prior to graduation.  Any student who has not completed all 4 tests or who has not received an appropriate waiver will count against the school's AYP.
The state is currently working on a tracking mechanism to share with districts, and it will include "waivers."  Ex:  A transfer student from a parochial school (who took Algebra 1 at the parochial school) may get a "waiver."
Regarding the Class of 2011:

Since DESE started the operational EOC in Spring 2009, any student who took a particular EOC class before then does not have to take that particular EOC prior to graduation.  Ex:  If a student in the Class of 2011 took Algebra 1 before Spring 2009, he does not have to take the Algebra 1 EOC prior to graduation.  If a student in the Class of 2011 took Algebra 1 after Spring 2009, he must take the Algebra 1 EOC prior to graduation.


2/8/2010--------From Chialin

Dear Building Testing Teams:
Many of you asked for the EOC testing schedule forms and due date. Please see the attachments. EOC testing schedule due on March 29, 2010. This attachment is also in this link, item #20.
EOC Parent Website. I did the EOC Parent Website. Please feel free to disseminate this website to your parents.


2/10/2010----------From Rhonda Page

It is critical (particularly in algebra and biology) for the students to know how to utilize the EOC software prior to them walking in to take the test in April.  Please encourage your teachers to demonstrate the software for their students in-advance. 
I believe that the biology teachers at South High developed some practice problems for students to complete that would require them to utilize the graphing component of the software.  They had students go into the practice exam for their content area, used South High's problem, and students entered their answers using the graphing tool.  Students then printed their screen and the teacher graded their answer.  I would strongly encourage both algebra and biology teachers to do something similar with students on multiple occasions so they feel prepared when taking the test. 
Here are links to the sites that holds the practice tests.  Session II for your content area is probably what you will be most interested in.  Let me know if I can help you in any way.  Rhonda
End-of-Course Practice Tests
Content Area
Test Link
Algebra I
Session I
Algebra I
Session II
Session I
Session II
English II
Session I
English II
Session II



Dear Middle and High School Building Testing Teams:
Several of you asked for the EOC practice tests and other EOC questions.
Please click on the attached email from Rhonda Page and you will find the EOC practice tests in the email with the explanation.
You can also find the following information (a) through (d) at the following link.
(a) Quality Assurance form
(b) EOC Achievement Level Descriptors
(c) End-of-Course Released Items, and
(d) End-of-Course Practice Tests
You can also find the manual at the following link.
(e) online manual and regular manual.
Also Parkway EOC Website.
Please make sure you bookmarks these 3 links for EOC. DESE update EOC website often. I update Parkway EOC website very often.
Thank you very much.



Dear Middle School and High School Building Testing Teams:
There are two dates for the EOC online training. Please let me or Ann know which date that your team will be able to attend. This is a mandatory training for the building testing administrator and testing coordinator. Please invite your CRS to this training as well.
Wednesday, March 3, Room A
10am – 11am
Wednesday, March 10, Room 1301
3pm – 4pm
Before you come to this training, please make sure you read the online manual.
For Northeast Middle and West Middle, your team will participate in the State EOC paper-pencil Manual Training on Tuesday, March 23. You do not need to attend this EOC online training (3/3 or 3/10). Ann has already registered your teams and she will send a reminder email to you a week prior to this training (3/23/10). Again, please make sure you read the coordinator manual and the examiner manual before the training.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Dennis and Derek:
Because of Kevin's absence on these two days, we will need your help for the conference call set up. Please give me a call for details.

Thanks. Chialin



Online EOC Testing System--Program Workshop



Welcome to the Missouri End-of-Course Online Assessment. The following information will be used to access the Internet based online testing system for the Spring 2010 operational assessment. Log onto the administrative website at: http://eoc.programworkshop.com/


District/School: PARKWAY C-2
User Name: CHsieh@pkwy.k12.mo.us
Password: 78JbJ9eJ


You may be prompted to change your password upon your initial login to the system. Once logged in, you will see a folder tree in the left navigation frame. The Help link contains the Online Test Examiner's Manual, which will assist you in navigating through the components of the online testing system. The manuals are intended for use by District Test Coordinators, School Test Coordinators, and Test Examiners.


These manuals include information on:

·          Running a System Check on each workstation used for testing

·          Downloading the EOC Browser to each workstation

·          Creating/updating users and test sessions

·          Approving students for testing, setting/verifying class, status codes, and accommodations

·          Directions for administration and monitoring student progress while testing

·          Responsibilities of Test Examiners and Test Coordinators

The District Test Coordinator will create an account for each School Test Coordinator. Test Examiner accounts may also need to be created in advance. Students who were included in the MOSIS pre-code file furnished by DESE have been pre-populated in the online testing system. To take the assessment, students will launch the EOC Browser, which is required for test delivery. This small application can be downloaded from the address above by clicking Download Browser.


If you have any technical questions or need assistance regarding this welcome e-mail, please contact Riverside Support at 1-877-553-3035, Option 1, or mo.coordinator@hmhpub.com.



EOC Government Accountability upon graduation


Are the students who took government this past summer (July 2009) still accountable for the EOC test upon graduation? 


If so, (and I'm assuming the answer is "yes"), then we will need to get on a plan in our building to have those students take the test this spring, correct?

EOC Operational Assessments do not have to be taken retroactively. The Government operational test was not available to the summer school students. The Government operational test was not available until Oct. 13th, 2009.  Districts were sent a letter stating that for students who took the Government Field Test in spring 2009, those scores would count for those students. However, the summer school students had neither the field test nor an operational version of the Government test available to them. They DO NOT have to take the Government test retroactively.

Nancy Keating




1. "Whether our summer government students should be taking the test (apparently, many of them are taking it for the first time, and it is not necessarily a remedial course)." 
This question has to be answered by the district testing team (Kathy, Julie, Desi, you, and other building testing administrators). The reason is that this is new situation for us.
2. "Are the students who took government this past summer still accountable for the EOC test upon graduation?  If so, (and I'm assuming the answer is "yes"), then we will need to get on a plan in our building to have those students take the test this spring."  I emailed DESE for answers.
Here is DESE's answer:

EOC Operational Assessments do not have to be taken retroactively. The Government operational test was not available to the summer school students. The Government operational test was not available until Oct. 13th, 2009.  Districts were sent a letter stating that for students who took the Government Field Test in spring 2009, those scores would count for those students. However, the summer school students had neither the field test nor an operational version of the Government test available to them. They DO NOT have to take the Government test retroactively.

3. Summer EOC window: June 16, 2010 - Aug. 31, 2010 SUMMER Window.
Sharon, do you know the summer EOC pre-id due date from Core Data? Please advise.
Thanks. Chialin


3/9/2010-------Sarah Rummel

Updated EOC Manual Training