The Mathematics Program in the Parkway School District is designed to ensure students demonstrate application of the Show-Me Standards through the integration of content and processes related to equity, use of technology, research strategies, and workplace readiness skills.



The Parkway School District is committed to the belief that all students are able to learn mathematics regardless of gender, race, culture, or physical challenges.  Therefore teachers integrate appropriate content and process related to equity, including gender equity, racial/ethnic equity, and disability awareness throughout the K-12 Mathematics Program.  The integration of equity ensures that graduates of the Parkway School District successfully demonstrate understanding and application of the Show-Me Standards and the Parkway School District mission to prepare students to be effective problem solvers in an increasingly changing world.  All Parkway mathematics courses integrate equity issues, including gender, multicultural, and disability awareness content into specific, appropriate lessons.  In addition, all Parkway mathematics textbooks are reviewed for inclusion, equity, and diversity.  Mathematics courses at all levels address valuable contributions made by mathematicians from men and women from a variety of cultures and countries around the world.



The design and inner workings of electronic tools are built upon a foundation of mathematical logic, reasoning, and processing.  In order to ensure students are capable of understanding how to create and utilize these tools to help in problem solving, the Parkway School District’s K-12 Mathematics Program integrates appropriate content and processes related to the application of technology in the teaching and learning process.  In addition to the Missouri Show-Me Standards related to technology integration, the Parkway School District’s Mathematics Program also utilizes the National Educational Technology Standards ( to ensure successful technology integration.  As an example, our students in Algebra courses utilize graphing calculators as an effective tool for exploring, characterizing, and using functions in problem solving.  In addition, the Parkway School District’s textbook selection process includes evaluation of the textbook for technology integration.



An essential component of mathematical study is gathering data and using both deductive reasoning and critical thinking to draw conclusions.  Thus teachers in the Parkway School District integrate content and processes related to research throughout the K-12 Mathematics Program.  Many of the mathematics courses provide meaningful opportunities for students to gather and analyze data.  Students use a variety of available resources including the library, Internet, and community resources.  The elementary curriculum emphasizes simple research techniques, such as periodically recording the total number of pockets that students have in their classroom.  After charting the data and recognizing that more total pockets appear in winter, students realize this trend is a result of students wearing coats to school.


Workplace Readiness Skills

The ability to define and solve problems is perhaps the most important skill needed in the twenty-first century workplace.  Therefore all Parkway mathematics courses integrate meaningful workplace readiness skills such as problem solving, organizing information, meeting deadlines, and cooperatively working in small groups.  Courses at all levels provide opportunities for students to actively discuss mathematics problems with their peers as they work toward a solution.