The mathematics curriculum is aligned K-12 and is articulated in a variety of ways.

  • The K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Committee meets approximately once per month during the school year to discuss the curriculum and current issues in mathematics education
  • Curriculum writing process
    • The K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Committee evaluates survey data as a team to determine strengths and weaknesses in the current program
    • Common assessments are developed at each grade level to ensure students are progressing in their content knowledge from year to year
    • Writing teams from each grade level meet periodically to construct the curriculum
    • Curriculum writing often takes place in the summer and includes teams of teachers in grades K-12 working in the same room to create an aligned and articulated curriculum
  • Curriculum implementation
    • Teachers attend grade level meetings to learn the own curriculum
    • The articulated and aligned curriculum is presented to grade level groups of teachers
    • A grade level curriculum overview is presented to new teachers and teachers changing grades
    • Teachers in all elementary grades have access to district-wide common assessments
  • The K-12 articulated and aligned curriculum is supported through professional development days, summer workshops, and the Online Curriculum Guide