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Parkway Mathematics Competencies K-8

To establish a guaranteed and viable curriculum, it is necessary to determine curricular priorities. Not all mathematical topics are of equal importance, and these competencies clearly outline where our teaching efforts should be focused (though it by no means is meant to set limitations). When our students successfully show evidence of learning these 20 competencies, we will then have the opportunity to provide further enrichment.

The competencies have been put into student-friendly language so that our students can learn and retain their knowledge. These competencies also serve as an accountability piece for students, as they allow teachers and parents to know exactly what students are expected to remember from year to year. These clearly articulated standards empower students to take responsibility for their learning.

While each grade level has 20 content competencies to serve as focus areas, we must remember that the study of mathematics is not simply to create students who can perform functions like a calculator. We recall the words of Alan Schoenfeld:

“You understand how to think mathematically when you are resourceful, flexible, and efficient in your ability to deal with new problems in mathematics."

Therefore two process competencies have been identified that apply to all grade levels. Students should continually encounter new problems in mathematics that challenge them to apply what they know in unfamiliar situations. This type of learning is the best way to prepare them for the new intellectual challenges that will arise in the 21st century.


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