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Making Change - small bills            Making Change - larger bills

 Multiplication Arrays                           Multiflyer - practice  Mixtures and Solutions
                                   Math games site  Kids Almanac - science, weather, and more
Water Cycle Game
                               How to do Math Problems  
 MATH DICTIONARY!!!!                      Unit 1 worksheets

   Crawdad Farm

Factors Game                                      Virtual Math Manipulatives
                                Turtle Paths


 Planet Size Information

Food Power Website       

Safe Electricity Game

Owen and Mzee

Social Studies

Reading and Writing

 Missouri State site                                                     Historical Maps  Make a Presentation at Home!
 OUR SOCIAL STUDIES BOOK online                   Constitution

 Research by word clouds

   Enchanted Learning
 US MAP GAME                                           The White House Page

 Making Words

Knight Cite bibliography help page

Newspaper Clipping Generator

 District Website Links                              US Population Density Map

 Word Clouds

Poetry Forms

                                 Lewis & Clark photos

internet games

Mad Libs online

 Latitude and Longitude

 Have a Book Read to You

Classic Children's Stories

Download an audiobook or poem

Create an Idea Web at Home





Parkway Typing Curriculum

Dance Mat

 NICE NET                                    Fun Brain    

Mrs. Avnor's Class Website

 Alpha Attack Keyboarding  Music Lab                         Mrs. Durham's Wiki - for class collaboration
 How Fast (wpm) Typing  


Speed Typing Test

free online voice recorder                                        
 Computer Safety

 free pictures to use                   Make your Own Jeopardy game

 More Computer Safety free music to use/classical      Notetaking
 Website Validity  free music downloads              Hawaii


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