District Filtered Internet Sites
Change Request Procedure

Parkway School District Filtering:

In the realm of Internet filtering, the ultimate concern is for the safety of children while at the same time protecting freedom to access and use information. At this time, only pornographic sites are being blocked with the possibility of other categories and/or sites added in the future. Unfortunately it is possible that some sites, through Web linking, could be blocked erroneously. The following procedure and form may be used to request the unblocking of a blocked Web site or to request the blocking of a new site.

Teacher Request Procedure to block or unblock Web sites:

The following procedure will be followed when district teachers request a site to be blocked or unblocked:

  1. Teachers discuss the site to be blocked/unblocked with their building principal and they mutually agree to proceed with the request.
  2. Teachers submit their request using the online Site Blocking/Unblocking Request Form.
  3. The building library media specialists and computer resource specialists have been informed of the request.
  4. Requests are reviewed weekly by the Director of Technology, and/or Assistant Director of Technology, and the Coordinator of Library/Media & Instructional Technology during their regular weekly meeting.
  5. Non-controversial sites are blocked or unblocked based upon the rationale presented by the petitioning teacher and the content of the site. The Technology Department updates the blocked database to reflect the change in the status of the site.
  6. Teachers may check the status of their request online.
  7. Requests deemed as controversial are forwarded to the Technology Integration Committee for further investigation and a final decision.

Note: Change requests typically require a week for action. Controversial site requests may take longer pending the once-a-month meeting of the Technology Integration Council.