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5th Grade Math

5th Grade Math Curriculum

Unit 1 - Multiplication and Division 1: Number Puzzles and Multiple Towers

This unit focuses on whole number operations (reasoning about numbers and factors, computational fluency, solving multiplication problems with two digit numbers, understanding and using the relationships between multiplication and division to solve division problems, and representing the meaning of multiplication and division.

Factors Powerpoint used in class

Multiples Powerpoint used in class

Special Names for Numbers Powerpoint used in class (even/odd, prime, composite, square numbers)


Multiplication tutorial- student lead

Multiplication tutorial 

Flashcards addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

Flashcards - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Adding and Subtraction practice-- up to billions


Websites to practice skills:

Practice of a variety of math skills - many quizzes and games


Timed quizzes

Multiplication flashcards

Multiplication and division practice

A+ math games

Review of how to do long division

Review of how to do multiplication


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