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Law Requires Vision Exams

Every child enrolling in kindergarten or first grade this fall needs a comprehensive vision examination performed by a state licensed optometrist or physician. This requirement is a part of legislation (Senate Bill 16) enacted in 2007. The law also created a state-level Children's Vision Commission to establish specific vision-screening criteria.

By January 1, 2011, parents and guardians must provide to the school district proof of the required vision exam or a statement that they are opting out of the exam. The form to be used for completing this vision exam was adopted earlier this month by the Children's Vision Commission. The form is available from the Missouri Optometric Association (www.moeyecare.org) or from the Missouri Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons (www.midwesteyemd.org). The cost of the exam is the responsibility of the parents.

Alll public school districts are required to conduct "eye screening" for each student - once before the completion of first grade and again before the completion of third grade. See student health screenings link for Parkway's procedures. For this year 2010-11, school districts will use the eye-screening procedures they have used in the past.