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Adequate Yearly Progress

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August 2, 2011

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Under the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001, each state is required to assess all school districts to determine if each district has made adequate yearly progress (AYP) toward meeting the academic testing standards and additional measures set by the state. AYP decisions are based on the results of state testing in communication arts and math and the district’s attendance rate or graduation rate. If the district has not made AYP for two consecutive years in any one of the four areas, it is considered “in need of improvement.”

Under NCLB, public schools must demonstrate that certain achievement levels on math and communication arts exams are being met each year in the aggregate (all students) and for up to nine subgroups of students including: (1) Asian/Pacific Islander; (2) American Indian; (3) Black; (4) Hispanic; (5) White; (6) Multi-Racial; (7) Students with Limited English Proficiency; (8) Students with Individualized Education Programs; and (9) Students Receiving Free/Reduced Price Lunches. If the test scores of a single subgroup do not meet the required achievement level for a subject area, a school or district will not meet AYP.

Based on the results of the 2010-11 academic testing in communication arts and math and the district’s attendance and graduation rate, the Parkway School District did not make AYP because five of nine subgroups did not achieve the 75.5 percent proficiency target in communication arts and six of nine Parkway student subgroups did not make the 72.5 percent proficiency goal in math.

Because the district has been in this status for more than three years it is considered to be in Level 3 of District Improvement, Corrective Action. We will update the plan for improvement that has been developed. One important component of this plan is parent involvement in the implementation of the plan. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will review the district’s progress toward meeting the goals and objectives of the plan and may impose additional sanctions.

You can also help by increasing your understanding of the assessment, understanding the importance of good attendance and graduating from school, visiting schools and becoming a volunteer, and engaging in reading and math strategies at home. Information about No Child Left Behind and what parents can do to improve student achievement can be found at: www.ed.gov/parents/landing.jhtml.

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