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Elementary Health Education

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The Parkway Elementary Health Education Program places a high emphasis on the development of health knowledge and skills which will help students develop healthy habits, acquire health knowledge, set goals and make health-related decisions, consider health consequences, develop communication skills, analyze the influences on health decisions, and advocate for personal, family, and community health.

Parkway's Elementary Health Education Program encompasses a broad range of topics which aim to teach these skills.  The content of the curriculum is organized around six strands or broad topics:

  • Nutrition (Healthy Eating Practices, Consumer Health, Body Weight Management)
  • Personal Health and Wellness (Personal Care & Hygiene, Mental/Emotional Health, Social Health, Character Development)
  • Disease Prevention (Healthy Practices, HIV/AIDS, Chronic/Acute Diseases)
  • Staying Healthy and Drug-Free (Dangerous Substances, Drug Use & Abuse, Stranger Safety, Community Resources)
  • Safety and First Aid (Safety Practices , Water Safety, Weather Safety, First Aid/Emergency Procedures, Pedestrian/Bike Safety)
  • Adolescent Growth & Development (Peer relationships, Body Systems, Stages of Life, Body Changes)

The unit lessons have identified specific learning outcomes which contribute to helping students reach a core understanding.  In addition, each unit has an essential question which serves to direct all activities and assignments towards helping students develop their ability to answer this question using their own perspectives and insights.  Ultimately, students should be able to formulate a response to the following essential questions:

  1. How is good health and fitness significant to a productive life?
  2. How do health skills and fitness skills help with readiness for the workplace/job career?
  3. What is the significance of the three aspects of health to overall health?
  4. What is the connection between personal health skills and fitness skills to environmental and global health?
  5. How does good health and and active lifestyle contribute to learning and academic success?

Health education is taught as part of the Elementary Health and Physical Education Curriculum.  Approximately 24 lessons, at each grade level, are dedicated to addressing the Parkway Health Education Goals and Missouri Health GLEs.