On this page are photos of our 50th Anniversary "Meet the Artist" reception with local artist John Pils. The event was on Sunday, May 2 at his Chesterfield Mall store.

John Pils is a resident of Parkway and has four children who graduated from Parkway West HIgh School.

He has created a commemorative 50th anniversary 8 x 10 print for Parkway to sell that includes some representation of each of our 28 schools and several that are now closed.

Mr. Pils hosted a "Meet the Artist" reception and fundraiser at his Chesterfield Mall store which will assist the 50th Anniversary Committee with expenses for the upcoming year's activities

Grace Phillips and John Pils

John Pils, Barbara and Bob Underwood

Sue Hockensmith, John Pils, Sharon Stover

Jonathan Dalton, Karen O’Brien, Suzanne Dalton

Kent & Sue Simons, Bruce Hunter

Jessie & Lee Horstmann, Grace & Victor Phillips, Cara & Ken Russell

Parkway staff string players Katherine Sanders, Ed Simon, Marilyn Humiston, Bev Platt

Bill Myer and Barbara Underwood

Linda & Gary Mazzola, Susan Brusca
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