Dr. Robert D. Snyder
Robert Snyder
Years of Service as Superintendent: 1954-1959

Before Parkway:
  • Superintendent of the Mason Ridge School District 1950-1954
Years in Parkway:
  • Superintendent of Schools – 1954-1959
Highlights and Accomplishments:
  • Snyder was the first superintendent to be appointed with the consolidation of the Mason Ridge, Fern Ridge and Weber Districts in the Parkway District.
  • During Snyder’s tenure, the district became the third largest in the county and consisted of five elementary schools: Barretts, Mason Ridge, Fern Ridge, Weber and Manchester School.
  • Was instrumental in opening Parkway Central Junior-Senior High School in 1957 to provide secondary education for the children of the growing community.
  • Was instrumental in the opening of Manchester School Annex on Henry Road, which was used for kindergarten and special education.
  • During Snyder’s tenure as superintendent, he received the honor of “Outstanding Man of the Year” by the St. Louis County Junior Chamber of Commerce
After Parkway:
  • Served 23 years as the superintendent of Wayzata Public Schools, in Wayzata, Minnesota.
  • When he started in 1959, the district had 3,066 students, a staff of less than 200 and 4 buildings.  The budget was $1.5 million. In 1982 the enrollment was 7,000 with 400 teachers and 6 new buildings were constructed under his supervision.  The budget was $15 million. The Wayzata District was at that time and continues to be one of the premiere districts for excellence and student achievement in the state.
  • Dr. Snyder was a member of Wayzata Rotary, the American Association of School Administrators, Chair of the Greater Minneapolis School Study Council, Director of the Twin City Educational Research Development Council, President of Minnesota Schools Facilities Council and Director of Minnesota Right to Read Project.
  • Dr. Snyder’s daughter, Sue Gregor, became a teacher in Wayzata in 1985. Her three sons all went through the Wayzata District.
  • Robert Snyder died Sept. 28, 1982 at the age of 62. He had a genetic blood disorder called hemachromatosis that went undiagnosed until there was nothing that could be done. He and his wife, Betty, had two daughters, Sue Gregor of Wayzata and Sally Tesch who lives in Plymouth, Minnesota.  His wife is 88 (as of 2010) and still lives in Wayzata.
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