Dr. Wayne W. Fick
Wayne Fick
Years of Service as Superintendent: 1972-1978

Before Parkway:
  • Served in the United States Navy stationed in Guam – 1945-1946
  • Teacher and administrator in Kansas, including the towns of Chapman, Manchester, Abilene, and Topeka – 1946-1958
  • Served as Director of Curriculum in Olathe, KS – 1958-1961
  • Served as Superintendent of Olathe Unified School District – 1961-1968
Years in Parkway:
  • Associate Superintendent of Schools – 1968-1972
  • Superintendent of Schools – 1972-1978
Highlights and Accomplishments:
  • Continuing the construction program envisioned by Superintendent Farnham and the Board and increasing the speed of completion because of more rapid growth
  • Opening of South Senior High, Sorrento Springs, Shenandoah Valley, Wren Hollow, Carman Trails, and Highcroft Ridge
  • District population grew from approximately 20,000 to almost 25,000 (’72 – ’78)
  • Organizing for and conducting many bond elections which averaged eighty-three percent “yes” vote
  • Developing academic and non-academic programs for existing and many new schools during peak growth years from 1968-1978
  • Increasing and supporting programs in the arts in all schools with orchestra, band and vocal music as the major accomplishments
  • Employing elementary counselors, nurses and librarians in all schools
  • Including large educational media centers in new schools
  • Delegating much responsibility to the building principals and staff and requiring them to be accountable for meeting district goals
What Makes Parkway “Parkway”:

“Parkway is an ‘attitude’ fostered by teachers, counselors, administrators, support staff, parents, and many good citizens. This attitude permeates the student’s thinking when it is exhibited by many persons in their lives, persons who promote high expectations and good habits. Young people will strive to meet expectations when encouraged by those responsible for their education. Success promotes success. Parkway is also blessed with community leaders and business persons who know a great school district is necessary for all aspects of good community life.”

Memories and Reflections of Parkway:
  • Great teachers, administrators, and support staff
  • Supportive parents and citizens
  • Parents actions which promoted good education
  • Confidence in me exhibited by Mr. Farnham
  • My loyal and competent secretary and the equally competent and loyal secretary to the Board of Education
  • The rapid growth of the district
  • Planning construction and then opening new schools
  • Trying to get good school legislation passed by Missouri lawmakers
  • Voting results at elections on school issues
  • The first time I was asked to speak at a PTA meeting. I thought every parent with children in that school must be in that audience. The large space was packed. This was a new experience for me.
  • Visiting schools and watching great teachers work with students
  • The great music programs at all schools – especially the senior highs
  • Graduation ceremonies and the rambunctious noisy relatives of graduates
  • Competence and safety mindedness of bus drivers and their ability to maintain discipline on the buses
  • Float trips on Missouri streams with members of the staff
  • Being a mentor to and supervising the internships of a large number of persons in Parkway seeking a Doctorate from St. Louis University
  • Eagerness to go to work every morning
Miss Most:
  • The relationships with fellow administrators
  • The limited contact with great classroom teachers, counselors and support staff
  • The excitement of being involved in a dynamic and growing school district
  • The building of new schools
  • The excellent music programs
After Parkway:
  • Superintendent of Washington Elementary District No 6 in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Retired
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