Mr. Clarence W. Farnham
C W Farnham
Years of Service as Superintendent: 1959-1971

Before Parkway:
  • Served as teacher and administrator in Iberia, Missouri
  • Served as Superintendent of St. Clair, MO School System – 1946-1951
  • Served as Superintendent of West Plains, MO School System – 1951-1959
Years in Parkway:
  • Superintendent of Schools – 1959-1971
Highlights and Accomplishments:
  • Farnham is the man credited with literally mapping out and plotting an extensive growth of the Parkway school District.
  • Farnham looked at a vast farmland and visualized a home for a tradition of excellence in public education – long before many of the buildings, students and teachers arrived on the scene” (West Newsmagazine and Parkway Spring ’04 Alumni News)
  • Under his leadership, the district grew from 2,500 pupils to more than 20,000 and from seven school buildings to 23, with two others under construction
  • Opening of Central Junior High, Claymont, Ross, South Junior High, Green Trails, Craig, Henry, McKelvey, Pierremont, North Junior High, Bellerive, River Bend, Robin Hill, West Senior High, Hanna Woods, Clayton Woods, with West Junior High and North Senior High under construction.
  • Clarence Farnham’s service has been a triumph over adversity and challenge. More than any other man, he is responsible for the solvency, the stability, and the sterling reputation of the Parkway School District. Every building block bears the imprint of his character and his concern.” (Parkway Schools Bulletin 1971)
After Parkway . . . Memories and Reflections:
  • Mr. Farnham died July 27th, 1971.

"Clarence Farnham’s work was not finished. He had hoped to remain on the job until his retirement in 1975, at which time Parkway would be more than halfway home in terms of its development. This did not come to pass; however, Mr. Farnham left to his staff and to the residents of the community a valuable legacy: a school district being built upon the rock of integrity and sound judgment.

Mr. Farnham would be the first to say that Parkway is not a one-man school district, and that many people have contributed to the success of its growth. He expressed deep admiration for the qualities, which he found in the residents of Parkway, such as pride in the community, a dedication to education, prudence in financial affairs, and stability of character. As newcomers moved into Parkway from all parts of the nation, Mr. Farnham was skillful in blending the best ideas, expectations, and preferences of the new residents with the established design of the district.

Mr. Farnham also leaves to us a vision for the Parkway of the future – a well-coordinated system of schools serving with distinction the children, youth, and adults of the community. By continuing to work in unison, we, the recipients of the Clarence W. Farnham legacy, can make this vision a living reality."
Parkway School Bulletin – August 1971

"The dream that Clarence "C.W.” Farnham envisioned became reality. In fact, 50 years after the Parkway School District came into existence, the development of a well-respected school system has likely far exceeded Farnham’s expectations"
West Newsmagazine – April 28, 2004

"Mr. Farnham never forgot (even as a superintendent) that he became a teacher because he liked kids, wanted to work with kids and felt that he had something to offer kids."
Al Burr – April 16, 1997

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